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About Us 
Thomas is a German piano brand that was founded by Mr. William Joseph, father of commercial piano in 1863. It is popular in top-grade occasions in the developed countries in Europe and America with luxury and restrained characteristics, and it is a symbol of status and taste.

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Brand origin 
In March 1826, founder of Thomas William Joseph was born in a musical family.
In 1863, William Joseph transmitted his works to celebrities and noblemen around the world, and he developed German action piano in 1866. 
In 1869, William Joseph created folded interactive lever action. 
In 1874, Thomas people developed hanging back anti-resonance soundboard mark. 
In 1896, Mr. Clementi played classic piano music in the White House with "Thomas" horizontal piano. 
In 1906, Mr. Hoffman, son of William Joseph, established production base in Southern Europe, and developed progressive hammer sense action piano. 
In 1933, "Thomas" piano was rated as the most precious product for collection in International Luxury Fair in Geneva. 
In 1956, Mr. Claiborne played music with "Thomas" piano in Grand National Theatre, and received relatively high marks. 
In 1976, "Thomas" Jiu Chi Zhi Zun products won Golden Bell Award in the French International Instruments Exhibition. 
In 2006, "Thomas" Group established "Shanghai Luolante Piano Co., Ltd." with its three famous brands and Hong Kong Kaluola Piano Industrial Co., Ltd., and its three trademarks was registered in China at the same year.